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Hotpot is created from decades of on-call experience, but we also look abroad in our mission to make operations easier, more resilient, and more sustainable. We're standing on the shoulders of giants, and want to share the work that inspires us.

Additionally, we use our work to advance the understanding of complex systems, safety-critical operations, and human-centered design by emphasizing data collection and sharing research findings openly.

Complex systems
Putting together a heap of tools, services, and people yields a complex system, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Modern tech companies are complex systems, and operating them can be fiendishly complex.

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Cognitive systems engineering
Cognitive systems engineering (CSE) focuses on the human-centered design of complex systems, marrying the cognitive sciences with a broader systems perspective. This work brings together UI, psychology, social sciences, and systems engineering to build technology that aids decision making.

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Resilience engineering
Recognizing, measuring and improving resilience is tricky, because it's often defined by an absence such as outages or problems. Recognizing and fostering the features and actions that create resilience is the true goal!

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