Being on-call doesn't have to be doodie.

Existing on-call tools are stuck in a bygone era of hard to change schedules and manual cleanup. Hotpot reimagines on-call with more flexibility, agency, and care. Once you use Hotpot, you'll wonder why on-call is done any other way.

Help shape the future of on-call

Manage your team, not their time

Automatically manage on-call schedules across time zones, vacations, emergency coverage, and overrides.

Automatically picks the best person to be on-call factoring in schedules and fatigue factors.
Make temporary adjustments to cover product launches, holidays, or other exceptional periods.
In the rare event that nobody can take a stint, you'll know well in advance so the team can sort it out.
Remote? Time zones? Secondaries? Shadows? Follow-the-sun? All covered, automatically.
Schedules adjust automatically to accommodate time-off, vacations, caretaking, work-out times, or childcare.
Track effort and impact, ensuring engineers aren't burnt out or suffering fatigue.

World-class on-call, off-the-shelf ease

Ensure every team has the best practices of a world-class on-call program with the ease of off-the-shelf software.

Track noisy alerts, useless pages, and late-night wake-ups.
High-quality handoffs, built from your feedback. No more Google Docs nobody reads!
Track impact, review historic stints, and even compare across the organization.
More than pages.
Capture impact and effort. Add ideas and near-misses!
Works with your tools.
Leverages your existing tools through integrations and APIs.
Bi-directional integrations, noisy alert tracking, and more!

Go from status quo to status woah!

Wanna shape the future of on-call? We're on the lookout for pioneers like you to be early adopters and design partners.